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PraiseStage Productions Theatre Company Introducing the “sermon-on-the-stage” approach to spreading God’s Word.
Let the Church Say “AMEN”


Every Summer we have a program to inspire and expose our youth to the Arts.

Performances Performances

With African drums, dance, music, and historical vignettes, we bring Ebony Footprints to the stage in a rousing performance of history, taking the audience from the “Motherland” to
“this Otherland” - we’ve grown to call our own.

Invites you into a world of fun, fellowship and fantasy, - as we step onto stages and out of  who we are - into who we need to be in order to fulfill God’s purpose in sharing knowledge and winning souls for Christ. “Powerful - Dramatic - Spiritual”
“Let Everything that hath breath praise the lord.”

Our Stage Motto:

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