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Tel: 317-543-2541

Email: mccanee@aol.com


PraiseStage Productions Theatre Company Introducing the “sermon-on-the-stage” approach to spreading God’s Word.

PraiseStage Productions
is a multi- denominational theater company that consists of cast members, technicians and board members from several  churches throughout the Indianapolis Area.

  And the Word Was…,Dead Wrong!
(a musical-drama about AIDS in the African American Community),


The Pied Piper of Indy
 (performed by our youth division)



We are excited about  Young People About Us

Some of our productions (which are all dramatic-musicals) include:

Our Mission is:

Summer Training Program Participants

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We are intent on  reaching young  people who live in communities where  arts programs have suffered drastic cuts – both in the schools and local parks  departments.

Each of our productions provides various levels of theatre training to participants. Upon request, we will also conduct drama training seminars specifically-designed for your church or organization and at a location you designate.
Our theatre company is a religious experience in “experimental theater” - allowing us to address as many contemporary issues of society as possible.


Youth Training Programs Available

Keep Kids off the Street Summer Program

Performance Season Training

Courses Include:

So You Want to be an Actor (Beginning Theatre)

The Art of Storytelling

The Indy Great Debaters (Beginning speech & debate course)

So … You Want to Learn Chess

Training sessions may be designed for your church or organizations specific needs and age groups. Training fees are nominal and scholarships are often available.