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if  interested in scheduling a training session or performance, contact us.

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Tel: 317-543-2541

Email: mccanee@aol.com


PraiseStage Productions Theatre Company Introducing the “sermon-on-the-stage” approach to spreading God’s Word. Our Stage Motto: “Let every thing that hath breath, praise the Lord”

Who can participate?

PraiseStage has been blessed with a Advisory Board and Cast representation from several churches throughout Indianapolis and the Greater Indianapolis area.  If you enjoy singing, speaking, dancing or playing an instrument and praising God with all you have to give .. Come be a part of a great ministry!

We also encourage qualified teachers to come aboard to assist with our Summer Youth Training Programs. Or you may like working in the background,, ( with set and backdrop building, costume making, or as a stage hand or lighting/sound technician.  Yes .. We definitely need you too!!

Drama members get to worship, train, act and fellowship with members from many different churches and the local community in general - as our drama ministry encourages participation by persons from all walks of life.

The ministry invites both youth and adults who are flexible don't mind working hard to achieve perfection and who are willing to learn new things new ways.

We always strive to grow and include new members. If interested in joining a “warm family of God-inspired thespians” any you have a talent to share - just contact us at : 317-543-2541